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Is it time to upgrade to Windows 10?

You will find thousands of web pages offering advice on Windows 10. Some of these are more focused on helping you decide if the upgrade is right for you. The Tech Guys are always concerned about security (supposedly the most

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Clicking the red X doesn’t stop your PC from upgrading to Windows 10.

You might be thinking, “Some of my friends have been getting Windows 10 installed and hate it, so if I see something come up on my PC, I’ll just keep closing the windows.” Essentially, ignorance is bliss, right? Well, your

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Can you really avoid installing Windows 10?

Microsoft has now moved the Windows 10 update into the “recommended” category, which means it now will get installed unless you alter their default Windows update settings to avoid “recommended updates”: Go to the Control Panel, Choose Windows Update, Uncheck

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Windows XP R.I.P.

The day has come and gone. XP support is officially over (as if anyone ever really called Microsoft) and everyone is running for the hills. Wait! Come back! It’s not that bad. Let’s mull it over and decide what’s best

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Our first newsletter

Our first newsletter. Not much there right now, but you’ll get the idea. The purpose of our newsletters will be to highlight some new effort with one of our clients, helping them improve efficiency, or solve a problem. Since our

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