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Clicking the red X doesn’t stop your PC from upgrading to Windows 10.

You might be thinking, “Some of my friends have been getting Windows 10 installed and hate it, so if I see something come up on my PC, I’ll just keep closing the windows.”

Essentially, ignorance is bliss, right? Well, your friends at Microsoft have picked up on this and decided that simp lying ignoring the question means you also want to ignore the consequences and they now take closing the crucial Win 10 upgrade window, as a “YES!” answer to the install.

Users MUST click on the “Here” link in order to kill the upgrade. Any other action is simply answering “OK”. For more info, please review the article posted here. Please excuse all the ads on the extreme tech site, but the content of the article is spot on with what we have been seeing with our clients. The bottom line is, if you get this window, don’t just “x-out” of it, but read it thoroughly and then decline the upgrade.

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